I’m Quitting the Reviews (and the Website)

Hey guys,   I have contemplated about whether or not I was going to write an announcement for this, or if I was just going to fade into the distance without saying anything. After a while, I figured that I owe a handful of you an explanation because many of you have been so supportive […]

Review: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

This is going to be a long intro, guys… but I’ve got stuff to say.   “Steve, what kid’s shows do you think hold the test of time for you…” I’d say Beast Wars. “…without needing nostalgia goggles?” Oh. There are only three that come to mind: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Young Justice, and Teen […]

Review: People

This is an independent movie that I was asked to review by the people who made it (or at least the movie’s twitter account asked me). I don’t really go searching for super-indie movies to review, because the two times I said “yes” to reviewing one, I gave them unflattering reviews. So… when someone asks […]

Review: Sicario: Day of the Soldado

The first Sicario movie, in my opinion, was a film that didn’t really deserve to be great. It seemed like worn-out movie territory. The reason it was great is because of everyone involved.   You had Taylor Sheridan (the man who wrote Hell or High Water, and also wrote and directed Wind River) as a […]

Review: Tag

I did a poll on Facebook about what movie I should watch next, and “Tag” won. The poll was almost two weeks ago, so I’m sorry I got to it so late. SITWOL: What you see on the trailer is what you get. Didn’t see the trailer? Okay, grown men play tag.   There isn’t […]

Review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Hi guys. The answer is that I was on vacation. I’m back now.   Tonight, the plan was to see Tag because that’s what I promised my Facebook audience over a week ago. However, after the unfortunate realization that all the showings were over already, I discovered that Marvel’s sequel to “Would’ve-Been-Better-If-They-Kept-Edgar-Wright” was out. So […]