On Netflix: The Ridiculous 6

There is little doubt in my mind that Adam Sandler, Netflix, or whoever was pulling the strings, planned on The Ridiculous 6 riding the coattails of The Hateful Eight. Before I saw the movie, this was just an assumption, but when I saw the title shot, I felt that my suspicions were confirmed. Aside from the similar sounding titles and the fact that both are Westerns, there are really no similarities between the two.

I have no love for Adam Sandler. Every movie he’s been in lately, aside from The Cobbler (which was above average), I have either hated or avoided. Anyone who’s ever watched Jack & Jill has told me that it is mental diarrhea. However, as I aspire to be a film critic that not only shines light on amazing movies, but also warns of trash films, I decided I was going to watch this movie.


So is this movie good? Not really.


The humor in this movie is mindless, not just because of the poop jokes, the bestiality jokes, the masturbation jokes, the girls-with-big-cleavage jokes, and the constant slap-stick; but also because this movie, on lots of occasions, treats their audience as stupid. Instead of setting up a joke in a way that you can infer the humor based on context, they often tell you WHY it’s funny… just in case you didn’t get it. There’s parts in the movie where characters literally throw out exposition to the story with no real reason other than to let the audience know something.

Adam Sandler plays the lead and he doesn’t add much to the movie besides the usual: be the nice lead protagonist who, despite having an Adam Sandler face and a blank-slate personality, has a smoking hot girlfriend.

Taylor Lautner is in it too and as Twilight has proven before this movie, he’s a decent actor provided he only hits one note. In Twilight, it was stoic. In this movie, it’s giggly, inbred hillbilly.

One thing that did impress me was how many people show up in this movie. It appears that Adam Sandler has either accumulated a lot of friends while working in hollywood, or at the very least has deep pockets. Unfortunately, almost all of these actors have been in better things, and they all seem to have degraded themselves into a cheap joke in order to be in this movie. Except Nick Swardson… as far as I know, that asshole hasn’t been in anything worth watching. Maybe Rob Schneider too.

Much of the cinematography and set designs in the movie are terrible. That would be acceptable for this kind of movie because it’s stupid anyway, but a lot of this terribleness struck me as them taking the cheap route, and not necessarily because of artistic choices in the movie in order to keep the “stupid” joke running. There’s a lot of moments in this movie where I questioned its self-awareness.

And if Pixels has taught people (or me, at least) one thing, it’s that Adam Sandler likes making movies on the cheap that exploits a certain genre or market in order for him and his buddies to make a quick buck. This movie seems to continue the trend.

This movie gave me some laughs, mostly thanks to Terry Crews being so ridiculous, and even though most of Lautner’s jokes fall flat, he has some funny lines too; but this movie would have been a lot funnier if they didn’t waste their potential, or at least gave it to a director with some competence.

Aside from a few surprises, The Ridiculous 6 is also extremely predictable. When Sandler’s character meets meets the 2nd guy of the 6, Rob Schneider, and Schneider’s character explains who he is, I immediately knew how the other 4-of-6 would be tied to the story.

There’s also singing breaks in the movie and they made my ears bleed.

Honestly, I understand there’s a market for the kind of humor Sandler shills out these days, and if you’re a fan of stupid, mindless humor, or at least want to watch something you can follow while unfathomably drunk, check this movie out. However, I simply do not receive very much enjoyment out of these kind of comedies. I like comedies that have some intelligence to them and don’t treat their audience like a bunch of eight-year-olds (if you want an example, a good comedy for me would be Hot Fuzz).

Hopefully Sandler will give us something more more heartfelt and slightly intelligent like he did during his Wedding Singer days. Though if these recent movies are an indicator, my hopes aren’t very high, and I’m giving this a 3 out of 10.


3 thoughts on “On Netflix: The Ridiculous 6

  1. Rob Schneider was in Home Alone 2, and that is definitely worth watching. Also, you mentioned there being a market for these kinds of movies, but why is there a market for this humor? Why do people enjoy stupid comedies that even the trailer hints that it’s going to be stupid? Also, I question why Adam Sandler fans or anyone who likes classic Adam Sandler movies (not you, Steve, but other people) keeps watching his recent stuff? Do people really think they’re going to get another Billy Madison, Wedding Singer, or Happy Gilmore even though it’s been more than 10 years since any of those came out? Sandler has not produced anything on par with these movies since, and if his fans or people who enjoy stupid comedies would quit watching these, maybe Sandler would start trying harder and he’d make better movies.


    1. I’ve never seen Home Alone 2.

      Because whether we like it or not, there is a group of people who enjoy these kind of movies. It is the only explanation why Sandler is still allowed to make movies despite constant criticism.

      Well, we can only hope people stop watching his movies, but even Pixels made its money back… I don’t have my hopes up.


      1. 1. Watch Home Alone 2. You may have to wait until next Christmas, but it’s still worth seeing nonetheless.
        2. I think it would be interesting to dig into the reasons why people love stupid movies. I guess Adam Sandler and co. figured out the formula, but I still have a hard time understanding why someone would see a stupid movie because it’s stupid. I can maybe understand from a “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” point of view, where part of the fun of watching a dumb movie is making fun of it, pointing out its mistakes, and understanding why it is bad. Perhaps someone can watch a dumb movie in order to understand what NOT to do in making a movie.
        3. I think the attraction of Pixels was more due to the video game nostalgia and having Peter Dinklage in the cast. I do not know if Adam Sandler or his humor was the big draw or the reason why it made its money back.


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